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Axxon Soft

AxxonSoft is a world-leading developer of smart, integrated security and video surveillance systems that was founded in 2003. They produce intelligent video management and physical security information management software. Over the years, the company has successfully completed over 150 000 projects.

They have been creating disruptive technologies that push the safety and security industry forward, and they offer solutions for Safe City, retail, banks, transportation and oil and gas industries. Some of their projects include providing security for malls, estates and governments including during the Tunisian presidential elections.
AxxonSoft has more than 5 800 certified partners in over 100 countries, 46 offices around the world and an international call center. It also provides its partners with fast response times and exceptional support in every corner of the globe. Their extensive knowledge in the industries mentioned above set them apart as experts and thought leaders in their industry. The tailor-made, comprehensive solutions that AxxonSoft offer our clients include:

  • Axxon Next
    Axxon Next is state-of-the-art, open-platform, intelligent video management software that provides you with intelligent video surveillance. It saves you time and money while increasing your security and ability to prevent problems. Axxon Next combines innovative technologies and experience with software that runs on personal computers and services and full functionality no matter how many cameras or servers you have. With features such as MomentQuest, TimeCompressor and Face Search, Axxon Next will allow you to make smarter decisions for your business or city. Organizations and governments around the world have implemented Axxon Next. For example, at the end of 2017, the Safe Yangsan project was launched in South Korea to provide better security for the residents. While previous systems were unsuccessful, Axxon Next surpassed the client’s expectations, even in tough scenarios with high network congestion and offline storage.
  • Axxon Intellect Enterprise PSIM Software
    Thanks to the Axxon Intellect Enterprise physical security information management (PSIM) software platform, our clients can imagine a better future. Axxon Intellect Enterprise is an incredibly advanced distributed PSIM software platform that combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities. Axxon Intellect Enterprise helps you to attain a higher level of security with less cost and effort. It has the built-in intelligence to recognize events as they occur and respond appropriately as well as the capability to distil and present information to support smart, timely decision-making. It analyzes data more intelligently, enabling you to automate processes that could never be automated before.
    The software is also easy to install, use and manage and can be scaled to meet your needs. And thanks to its flexibility, you don’t need to pay for features you don’t want or need. With Axxon Intellect Enterprise, you can rest assured that you will be able to protect your people and facilities better, effectively preventing asset loss and damage and improving efficiency. In essence, Axxon Intellect Enterprise is at the core of comprehensive security. One example of where Axxon Intellect Enterprise was installed is at the Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate. Axxon Intellect Enterprise used the existing camera hardware and integrated newer equipment to prevent unwanted access around the perimeter of the estate while allowing easy, yet completely secure, access for residents.
    If you want the best-integrated security system available, you need to partner with Africa Vision Global and AxxonSoft. We have the best surveillance and security solutions for retail, banking, the oil and gas industry as well as homeland security.
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