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18 Dec
axxon human trafficking
Cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology developed by AxxonSoft to combat human and child trafficking
Category: AxxonSoft
Human trafficking is a global issue that we continue to face. Children and teenagers are regularly displaced from their communities leading to the destruction of their wellbeing...
07 Dec
Deep learning technology to watch over wildlife parks
Category: AxxonSoft
Technology used in creating safe urban environments is now being used in South Africa’s wildlife parks to catch and deter poachers Wandering around the world’s major cities, it’...
05 Dec
Examples of latest deep learning video analytics 2018
Category: AxxonSoft
Evolution of video analytics started with motion detectors that simply subtracted pixel brightness of a frame from pixel brightness of the previous frame. Today the most sophist...
20 Nov
Africa Vision Global is on track to becoming one of Africa’s leading specialists in protective security equipment, intelligent surveillance and advanced defence weaponry.
Category: Company
Specialists in protective security equipment, intelligent surveillance, telecommunications systems and technologically advanced defence capabilities and weaponry, Africa Vision ...
16 Oct
control room
Will plugging into ‘advanced monitoring’ allow SA to reclaim the streets?
Category: AxxonSoft
We’ve all seen some sort of CCTV footage where something dramatic and usually criminal happens: a hijacking, a robbery, a cash in transit heist or even an ATM being blown up. No...
16 Oct
Cutting-edge technology developed by AxxonSoft to target poaching in Southern Africa
Category: AxxonSoft
Poaching is a debilitating epidemic that has Southern African reeling from its atrocities. These exquisite African animals and wildlife are the continent’s shining stars, ...
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