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Our team has decades of experience addressing our clients’ most pressing business problems. As a full-service consulting firm, we solve our clients’ problems in an agile manner that reduces complexity and leads to early successes. This allows our clients to focus on their future, knowing that their present is secure. Our solutions work together to provide our clients with everything they need to transform into an effective, secure organization.

Intelligent Surveillance AxxonSoft

Intelligent Video Surveillance

AxxonSoft is a world-leading developer of smart, integrated security and video surveillance systems that was founded in 2003. They produce intelligent video management and physical security information management software. Over the years, the company has successfully completed over 150 000 projects.

acrux protective equipment

Acrux Tactical Gear

Since 2003, Acrux has been manufacturing a range of specialized textile products. Over the years, AfricaVision Consolidated’s design team has grown to include professionals from niche security and tactical professions.



Management Electronic Systems (Pty) Ltd is a licensed telecommunications network operator and accredited partner for leading technology vendors such as Samsung, Epygi, HTek, to name a few. 


Advanced Security solutions

An all-encompassing solution in areas of personnel protection, safety and security, information intelligence, surveillance and scanning, airports and infrastructure and global asset tracking and management

Conceptual media background image with connection lines presenting net concept. 3D rendering

Electronic Intelligence

Electronic intelligence (ELINT) is gathered through electronic sensors and is often used to ascertain the capabilities of a target, such as the location of radar or targets, uncovering a target identity and intercepting targets.

high-speed patrol craft africa vision global

High-Speed Patrol Craft

Our high-speed defense patrol craft are ideal for naval and coastal operations because of their ability to operate in shallow water and close to the shore.


BSAS International Aircraft and Bradd...

AfricaVision Consolidated specialize in several divisions, the combined capability of which are designed to offer definitive superiority to special operations in all environments and fields of engagement.

MRE meals

Ration and Vacuum-packed Foods

MRE meals for international, national and local governmental agencies as well as private and charitable organizations and individuals around the world.


Height Safety and Protective Equipment

AVC develops and manufactures textile products and accessories in industrial, commercial, safety and security, military and outdoor and recreational markets.


Riot Equipment

Whether you require riot equipment for the private or public sector, AVC’s armor is high-impact and shock resistant while still allowing the wearer unhindered body movement.


Training and VIP Protection

AVC’s Training Company was formed on a foundation of highly experienced personnel with an unshakeable commitment to their clients. We also understand that your requirements are different than other organizations’ and institutions’ requirements.

perimeter security

Perimeter Security

The boundaries you set for your operation, government or corporation should be respected and adhered to. AVC’s perimeter security services use artificial intelligence to ensure compliance with these boundaries.


Water Purification

Access to clean water is one of the biggest issues in our modern world. According to the WHO and UNICEF, 3 in 10 people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home.


Demining Equipment

According to UNICEF, 800 people per month are currently being killed by landmines, and there are still 110 million landmines lodged in the ground!

weapons tracking

Weapon Tracking

In the violent world we live in, it is a necessity to have an audit trail of who have weapons, what kind of weapons they have, when they received the weapons and where these weapons can be found.



There is a saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. But with the ANDE Rapid DNA from AVC, the devils will have nowhere to hide. With the ANDE Rapid DNA, an individual can be identified in less than two hours.

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