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Advanced Security solutions

AfricaVision Consolidated or AVC is an all-encompassing company that applies its innovative technologies to solve long-term challenges in areas of personnel protection, safety and security, information intelligence, surveillance and scanning, airports and infrastructure and global asset tracking and management.

Their core focus is the African continent, and they offer next-generation, synergistic solutions and services to create a safer world, upholding the highest standards of compliance, quality, and integrity. Our clients can rest assured that AVC will provide them with the A to Z of security and military products and services.

All of AVC’s products and services are of the highest quality and locally produced. Their products are built for Africa, and no other security and military company can compare with their 22 years of experience and expertise. From personal protection gear to demining products and everything in between, AVC does it all.

The comprehensive list of products and services that AVC offer our clients is as follows:

–           Electronic Intelligence

Electronic intelligence (ELINT) is gathered through electronic sensors and is often used to ascertain the capabilities of a target, such as the location of radar or targets, uncovering a target identity and intercepting targets. AVC’s ELINT also provides anti-drone solutions, integrated communications and situational awareness for tactical groups. It’s the perfect intelligence-gathering tool for businesses, governments or military.

–           High-Speed Patrol Craft

AVC’s high-speed patrol craft are ideal for naval operations and coastal operations. The vessels can be produced at one of their partner shipyards or locally in your country with construction support from AVC’s technical team and via a complete knockdown kit (CKD) supplied by AVC. The patrol craft are available in steel, aluminium, composite materials or HDPE.

–           BSAS International Aircraft and Braddick Sniper

AfricaVision Consolidated have an aviation, sniper and engineering division to ensure your secure travel and protection needs are covered. Their aviation division utilizes the rugged BSAS aircraft for rural and isolated operations in hostile environments while their sniper division provides a broad range of sniper rifle calibers. They also offer engineering for commercial, military and aviation projects.

–           Acrux Tactical Gear

AVC offers our clients only the best in protective and tactical gear, which is why they stock Acrux tactical gear. The Acrux products are made from advanced materials and improve performance and operational safety and effectiveness. Thanks to their world-class manufacturing process, you can enjoy rapid prototyping, products designed and developed to your specification, uncompromising quality and any size production runs.

–           Ration and Vacuum-packed Foods

All of AfricaVision Consolidated’s MRE meals (Meals Ready to Eat) are certified according to HACCP regulations. They manufacture high-quality food in portion control packaging for the food service industry as well as for the military or emergency situations. They offer retort pouches as well as thermoformed packaging to ensure your food is safe while still tasting and looking good.

–           Height Safety and Protective Equipment

AVC are experts when it comes to providing height safety and protective equipment such as harnesses, evacuation equipment, special backpacks as well as equipment for outdoor and recreational uses. They are committed to maintaining an internationally recognized Quality Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure you are safe, no matter what you do.

–           Riot Equipment

Whether you require riot equipment for the private or public sector, AVC’s armor is high-impact and shock resistant while still allowing the wearer unhindered body movement. The vests and arm and leg protective gear are equipped with ultra-fast buckles and Velcro fittings and are extremely light.

–           Training and VIP Protection

AVC is armed with extensive international, commercial, political, and military expertise and they provide our clients with a tailored and unique core skill set through their training and consulting services. Their main resource is their adaptability, and out-of-the-box thinking which ensures your requirements will be met, no matter how public or low key or discreet they are.

–           Perimeter Security

The boundaries you set for your operation, government or corporation should be respected and adhered to. AVC’s perimeter security services use artificial intelligence to ensure compliance with these boundaries. The reliable technology integrates with other sensors and interprets the information it detects to make smart decisions regarding any breaches.

–           Water Purification

Access to clean water is one of the biggest issues in our modern world. According to the WHO and UNICEF, 3 in 10 people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home. Thanks to the P&G Purifier of Water from AVC, you can provide people with an easy water purification solution that pulls the dirt and contaminants out of the unclean water like a magnet.

–           Demining Equipment

According to UNICEF, 800 people per month are currently being killed by landmines, and there are still 110 million landmines lodged in the ground! AVC provides excellent demining equipment to protect the brave people who perform demining to protect the innocent ones. Their demining suits are designed to protect every inch of the person’s body giving you and them peace of mind.

–           Weapon Tracking

In the violent world we live in, it is a necessity to have an audit trail of who have weapons, what kind of weapons they have, when they received the weapons and where these weapons can be found. Knowledge is power, and with AVC’s weapon tracking, you can experience the power of knowing and perhaps acting before it is too late.

–           ANDE Rapid DNA

There is a saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. But with the ANDE Rapid DNA from AVC, the devils will have nowhere to hide. With the Rapid DNA, an individual can be identified in less than two hours. And the faster DNA results are available, the quicker you can make critical military, forensic, homeland security or intelligence decisions.

Africa Vision Global also offers the following personal protection services to our clients to ensure you are protected no matter what industry or sphere you operate in:

–           Close and VIP protection

AVG is proud to partner with incredibly brave people with years of military and special forces experience to provide our clients with close and VIP protection services and training.

–           Emergency and medical evacuation

There are many reasons why someone would have to be evacuated. Ranging from natural disasters, political unrest, medical emergencies and even personal threats to their safety, Africa Vision Global ensures you are safe at all times. Whether you need safe houses, clinics or medical emergency facilities, we are with you every step of the way.

–           Anti-poaching and marine security training and protection

Not only do we provide anti-poaching and marine security including anti-piracy protection services, but we also train and equip our clients to be prepared for any situation.

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