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There is a saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. But with the ANDE Rapid DNA from AVC, the devils will have nowhere to hide. With the ANDE Rapid DNA, an individual can be identified in less than two hours. And the faster DNA results are available, the quicker you can make critical military, forensic, homeland security or intelligence decisions.

ANDE Rapid DNA is the global leader in Rapid DNA and can be used for law enforcement, military and anti-terrorism, and government and immigration. ANDE believes that by moving DNA analysis to police stations, battlefields, borders, and disaster sites, public safety will dramatically transform, and national security will be strengthened.

This groundbreaking technology will allow you to solve crimes quicker, rule out innocent people and identify and pursue the perpetrators at a fraction of the cost and much faster. The ANDE Rapid DNA can process cheek swabs, bloodstains, cigarette butts, gum and drinking straws as well as bones, hair and much more.

Therefore, if you need a system that automatically interprets DNA and allows routine searching of DNA databases in less than two hours, then you need to partner with us and AVC.

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