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BSAS International Aircraft and Braddick Sniper

AfricaVision Consolidated specialize in several divisions, the combined capability of which are designed to offer definitive superiority to special operations in all environments and fields of engagement. They have an aviation, sniper and engineering division to ensure your secure travel and protection needs are covered.

AVC is a specialist engineering, manufacture and design firm in the fields of aviation, military aviation, military weapons and advanced sniping and special tactics. Together with Africa Vision Global, they ensure that you have all you need when it comes to aircraft and sniper rifles.

Their aviation division utilizes the rugged BSAS aircraft for rural and isolated operations in hostile environments. The aviation wing specializes in the BSAS DC3/C47-TP STOL medium aircraft. The Turbo Dak is built, flown, maintained and supported by BSAS and known to be the world’s most rugged aircraft.

Their sniper division provides a broad range of sniper rifle calibers which have been perfectly designed and precision engineered to offer optimum effectiveness, customized to operational requirements. All the rifles are manufactured to order in Braddick’s state-of-the-art production facility. This division further customizes sniping and forward observer systems to increase lethality and potency. The Braddick Mk. XII SFS, a special forces sniper rifle is amongst the most accurate military sniper systems delivered to the world at sub .25 MOA accuracy across all calibers [.308; .338LM and .50].

AVC is also a dynamic engineering company that offers commercial, military and aviation engineering. They also manage larger engineering projects in South Africa and abroad.

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