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Electronic Intelligence

Electronic intelligence (ELINT) is gathered through electronic sensors and is often used to ascertain the capabilities of a target, such as the location of radar or targets, uncovering a target identity and intercepting targets. AVC’s ELINT also provides anti-drone solutions, integrated communications and situational awareness for tactical groups.

AVC’s electronic intelligence has the following features to gather intelligence for businesses, governments or military to keep up with growing network complexity, evolving cellular encryption and changing operational scenarios:

  • International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) grabbing to identify nearby cellular devices
  • Target location and uncovering target identity
  • Content extraction
  • Live data geolocation
  • Analyzing living patterns
  • Target interception and control of voice calls and text messages

Their tactical intelligence collection includes the following solutions and systems:

Geolocation solutions

  • Covertly locate the whereabouts of single and/or multiple targets
  • Detect targets that are in the vicinity of each other or certain locations
  • Detect target movement patterns
  • Disinform and disrupt targets’ ability to communicate

On-site radio monitoring

This portable receiver has been specifically designed for radio monitoring applications in the field. The receiver’s functions and control concept have been optimized for monitoring tasks. It can also be used for a variety of other applications.

GSM interception systems

Wi-Fi interception systems

Anti-drone solutions

Man-in-the-middle interception

Integrated communications and situational awareness

The seamless integration of real-time tactical group communications provides for consistent user experience across multiple disparate devices and media types.

Complete interoperability between communication channels with global coverage

  • Extending the range of current radios and radio networks
  • Seamlessly combining all disparate communication networks with command center management
  • Tactical capability through advanced mission control and tracking
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