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Height Safety and Protective Equipment

AVC develops and manufactures textile products and accessories in industrial, commercial, safety and security, military and outdoor and recreational markets. They also import various specialized products for related markets and invest in research and development in all the sectors they serve.

They are experts when it comes to providing height safety and protective equipment such as harnesses, evacuation equipment, special backpacks as well as equipment for outdoor and recreational uses.

They provide the following outstanding equipment for various industries:

  • Industrial: Harness suit, full body jacket harnesses and integrated rescue standing step
  • Commercial: School bags and emergency evacuation equipment
  • Safety and security: Tactical modular vests, demining visor and mine protection suits
  • Military: Special operations backpack, helicopter cover and related protective equipment
  • Outdoor and recreational: Adventure racing, scuba diving and camera bags

As a manufacturer of safety, restraining equipment and textile products, AVC recognizes the importance of high standards of quality. They are committed to maintaining an internationally recognized Quality Management System based on ISO 9001: 2015 to ensure you are safe, no matter what you do. In line with their commitment to continual improvement, they will establish and review quantifiable objectives.

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