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High-Speed Patrol Craft

AVC’s high-speed patrol craft are ideal for naval and coastal operations because of their ability to operate in shallow water and close to the shore. They typically operate in a defensive role, and even though these high-speed patrol craft are relatively small in size, it does not impact on their servicing ability.

The first high-speed craft were often hydrofoils or hovercrafts, but high-speed crafts have come a long way. All of AVC’s high-speed craft are designed to comply with the standards and regulations set by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) adopted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) along with the Maritime Safety Committee.

The patrol craft are available in steel, aluminium, composite materials or HDPE and can be used for patrolling, search-and-rescue, anti-sabotage, and anti-terrorism. They can transport the crew of distressed ships or aircraft and can even intercept and arrest ships.

The vessels can be produced at one of their partner shipyards or locally in your country with construction support from AVC’s technical team and via a complete knockdown kit (CKD) supplied by AVC. The vessels range in size from 10m to 60m for use in offshore, inshore and riverine applications.

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