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Perimeter Security

The boundaries you set for your operation, government or corporation should be respected and adhered to. AVC’s perimeter security services use artificial intelligence to ensure compliance with these boundaries. The reliable technology integrates with other sensors and interprets the information it detects to make smart decisions regarding any breaches.

AfricaVision Consolidated’s systems use a multi-mode fiber optic cable as its sensor. Although other intrusion detection systems use this medium, PERI-BUDDY is a total paradigm shift in perimeter detection systems as the unique software uses artificial intelligence or AI.

The AI interprets the signals detected by the sensors and this intelligent information then assists the operator in planning and executing the most appropriate action. PERI-BUDDY also has almost no nuisance alarms when the system is fully trained.

AI explained

In conventional computing, the computer is given data with a step-by-step program that determines how the data must reach an answer. With AI, the computer is given knowledge about the subject, and the AI determines the specific procedure for arriving at an answer.

The technology explained

The PERI-BUDDY system is a knowledge system. It interprets the information it detects and allows sensor settings to be done remotely and from the Control Room. The system is highly reliable, and management software, duplex Ethernet communication, and power and lightning protection are an integral part of the system.

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