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Riot Equipment

Whether you require riot equipment for the private or public sector, AVC’s armor is high-impact and shock resistant while still allowing the wearer unhindered body movement. AVC provides modular riot suits consisting of front and back chest pieces, shoulder protection, forearm and elbow, thigh, knee and shin protection pieces.

The vests, elbow and forearm, and knee, shin and ankle protective gear are equipped with ultra-fast buckles and Velcro fittings and are extremely light. AVC are committed to giving you exactly what you need, and therefore, all riot equipment is customizable:

  • Modular pouches can be added anywhere on the suit on the front or the back
  • The back of the suits can be made to fit any additional pouches or a rucksack
  • Trauma packs can be inserted or removed to give the wearer more flexibility or less protection
  • Velcro patches can be added for identification
  • The suits have a front zip to put it on easily
  • The shoulders are protected with durable and flexible caps
  • All the straps to secure the suit are made using elastic and webbing with Velcro for adjustability and to put it on easily
  • The suits have drag handles to pull an injured person
  • The knee, shin and ankle protective gear have webbing and elastic straps with Velcro closure and optional buckles for additional securing
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