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Training and VIP Protection

AVC’s Training Company was formed on a foundation of highly experienced personnel with an unshakeable commitment to their clients. We also understand that your requirements are different than other organizations’ and institutions’ requirements. Together with AVC, we strive to tailor for each unique request by offering you a unique package.

AVC is armed with extensive international, commercial, political, and military expertise and they provide you with a tailored and unique core skill set through their training and consulting services. Their main resource is their adaptability, and out-of-the-box thinking, coupled with the established wisdom of more traditional firms which ensures your requirements will be met, no matter how public or low key or discreet they are.

Their management team is armed with extensive international, commercial, political, and military expertise and has extensive experience in all levels of defense policy, training and security operations.

They specialize in multidimensional defense and security consulting and services and provide clients with policy advisory, strategic and operational risk management, independent defense analysis, intelligence gathering and analysis, and dynamic security. And the best part is the solutions are cost-effective, quick and efficient.

AVC is highly attuned to the nuances and political sensitivities in the world today and can adapt the capabilities of the company to address your requirements. They work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that all aspects of the operation are in harmony with the political and local sensitivities of the client.

Together with AVC, we are one company that offers a multitude of services. And when you do business with us, your goals become our goals!

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