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Weapon Tracking

In the violent world we live in, it is a necessity to have an audit trail of who have weapons, what kind of weapons they have, when they received the weapons and where these weapons can be found. Knowledge is power, and with AVC’s weapon tracking, you can experience the power of knowing and perhaps acting before it is too late.

Weapon tracking aims to improve the manageability of weapons and ammunition which includes management, weapon control and reports and alerts. Thanks to weapon tracking, you can know exactly how many weapons and ammunition you have, where a specific weapon is at all times and when or how many times it has been fired. It also helps prevent weapon theft and assists with weapon recovery if a weapon should be stolen.

It is dangerous not to know everything there is to know about your weapons and ammunition, which is why we have partnered with AVC to ensure you are on top of your weapon and ammunition management and tracking. Now you can track and audit guns, bombs, missiles, rockets, mortars and more at the touch of a button.

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